Half Day In The Life

A half day in the life of your family, is our opportunity to hang out for an extended period of time, much like if you were spending the morning with a girlfriend who brings her camera with her everywhere she goes.

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Split Day In The Life

This package is great for families that desire an entire day to be documented, and have young ones that usually sleep for 2-3hrs right in the middle of the day. We generally call it a day and next session basically picks up where we left off with the afternoon through to bedtime routine.

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Full Day In The Life

This for me is an obsession, as it allows me enough time to capture these magic moments as they unfold. Its 8 hours plus of capturing your family in the moments living life, allowing mum to get in the shots and out from behind the camera. Its great to have activities, but lets not cram too much into your day. Being present and authentic as a family will give you what you’re looking for.

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